Thursday, September 13, 2012

New in Audio - The Dares That Bind by Leigh Ellwood

At long last, the audio version of The Dares That Bind, narrated by Lil Tulip, is available on Audible. Other retailers will be live soon, but you can download the Audible version here.

The Dares That Bind is the first BDSM romance in the Dareville universe, and so far my only true kink title. It's one of my personal favorites in my catalog, and I've hoped to bring Alton and Spring into another story. If I ever get Dare Devils written and sent off, you will definitely meet them again.

Anyway, here's the blurb. The eBook is still on sale, too.

Victoria Robeson is content to live at home and work her dead-end job, despite dealing with her overbearing mother, just as long as she has time to write. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Alton Weiss as Dareville prepares for Brady Garriston's big concert, Vic is unnerved and intrigued by how well he knows her personality and desires. Alton introduces her to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?

In other audio news, She Loves Me is still in the works, and auditions have come in for The Healing and Jilted. Now to make sure I get some hot covers done!

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