Monday, February 15, 2010

Guest Blog for 28 Days of Heart: Victoria Blisse

On the 17th of February my Story Vanilla with Extra Nuts is released. This is the blurb:

She was just a vanilla girl until she found her perfect toppings…
Megan was slowly falling in love with Adam and was devastated to hear he was also sleeping with a man behind her back. When she confronts Adam she finds her lust for him over-riding her reticence.

When she makes a secret fantasy come true and goes to bed with both Adam and his lover at the same time, vanilla Megan has to decide. Can she come to terms with this unusual relationship?

And here’s a hot excerpt to get your heart pumping which will keep it nice and healthy.

“Before I could protest, Simon was in the room and shutting the door behind him. He seemed even bigger now than I remembered him and I felt threatened by his presence.

“Oh, hey, I see you’ve started without me. Give me a moment and I’ll catch up.”

I was so stunned as he threw off his black jacket and undid his tie that I didn’t say a word until he had his crisp white shirt unbuttoned to the navel.

“Wait, stop, what are you doing?”

“Undressing,” he replied as he finished the last button and I was treated to the sight of his hard chest as he pushed the white material off his shoulders. For a moment all I could think about was tracing my hands over his body.

“But, I mean, well, don’t we have to talk first?”

Simon looked at Adam and they both shrugged in unison.

“I think actions are louder than words,” Adam said and kissed the nape of my neck. “We can talk later.”

I looked at Adam and scrunched my brows so he would know I was pissed off. He just kissed me in the middle of my forehead, then whispered in my ear, “Trust me, darling, it’s going to work out all right, just trust me.”

When I looked up again, Simon was naked. I gulped as I let my eyes trace the length and breadth of his delicious, hard body. There was no doubting I wanted to taste him and feel his body against mine. I looked up into his dark brown eyes and he smiled, willing me to be okay with this. I could see he was nervous too, despite his striptease bravado. I smiled back then and thought, “What the hell?” If we couldn’t work things out after we fucked, well, at least I would have the memories of a fantasy come true to keep me warm at night.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked as he walked over to my side of the bed. “I’ll go if you don’t want me here.” Part of me wanted him to go, but it really was a tiny fraction of the whole. My body was desperate to feel his bulk pressed against my soft, giving curves.

“I’m okay, I want this,” I said, then followed it up quickly with, “I think I do anyway.”

“That’s good enough for me,” he said and leaned in to kiss me. You know as well as I do that everyone kisses in a different way. Adam is a very smooth, very subtle kisser. He starts off slowly and builds up to a crescendo. Simon is not like that at all. His kisses are aggressive and hungry and leave you gasping for breath after only a matter of seconds.

I noticed, once I had become accustomed to Simon’s kissing, that Adam’s lips were on my neck again. I don’t think I can find the right words to convey to you the sheer excitement that two pairs of lips on your body brings. A kiss is a thrill but two kisses at the same time from two different people is pure ecstasy. I closed my eyes and the two pairs of lips began to roam. I could tell who was kissing where, but after a while I just didn’t care. “

Now you can benefit other hearts by buying a copy of this book or any of the others in the 28 days of Heart Campaign where all the profits go to the American Heart Association.

Take care and keep healthy!


Victoria Blisse

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