Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guest Blog for 28 Days of Heart: Cat Johnson


I’ve heard authors say (or write), why should I give a story away for free when I can sell it? Or, I have too much to do for my paying deadlines, I don’t have time to write something new to give away. I can’t afford that.

My answer? You can’t afford not to.

In my personal experience as a writer I’ve both released free reads strictly for promo and I’ve written stories I’ve donated for charitable enterprises, and I have to say the return is worth far more than the expenditure in both cases. I know for a fact from fanmail that I’ve gained new readers from my free reads on ARe. Readers who would most likely never have bought my books initially now want my entire backlist, and all books coming out in the future because they liked my free reads so much. So when the call for stories for ARe’s 28 Days of Heart charity campaign to benefit the American Heart Association came around, I jumped on it. No, these stories are not free to the readers, but the proceeds so go to a charity and I find it much easier to crow about my work and use the hard sell as an author when the money is going to a worthy cause.

I’m not going to lie to you, donating Private Lies for the 28 Days campaign wasn’t strictly out of the goodness of my heart. Of course I am hoping new readers will discover me and because these eBook are available exclusively from and, they will discover my backlist available for sale there. But I see it as a win-win for all. The AHA gets a pretty nice influx of cash, I gain much needed name exposure, and the readers get to enjoy some wonderful stories while knowing their money is going to a good organization. 

What’s more is the feel-good factor I gained from being a part of this project, which can’t be quantified. The romance community has opened its hearts and blogs to support this campaign whole-heartedly and made me proud to be among them. Show the 28 authors you support their decision. Go check out the 28 Days of Heart series of books. While you are there, find out the other ways you can help the AHA in their fight against the number one killer of women—heart disease—at and show the world that romance readers have heart.  


PRIVATE LIES by Cat Johnson

Sex. Lies. It's all in a day's work.

Jax Monroe is ready to swear off both sex and men forever. Then she meets the new hot bartender Shane Reynolds and the only thing she can think about is sex and him.

Why not have a little fun? After all, she deserves it, and Shane proves he can provide what she needs. Only Jax doesn’t realize something. Shane the sexy barman is far more than just the stud he appears to be.

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