Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Quick Introduction - Lynn Townsend

Beautiful day in my neighborhood
Hi everyone!

I'm Lynn Townsend and it's nice to meet you.

::looks around uncertainly::

That's the way social stuff goes, right? Oh, I should tell you something about myself, right? Right. Sorry, I'm a writer, and I'm sometimes pretty dang lousy about this whole social interaction thing.

(No, actually, I'm not. I'm an amazing creature. An extroverted writer. Come, marvel while ye may...)

So, yeah.

Let's start over; it's first thing in the morning for me, and I'm already a bit caffeined up.

I'm Lynn Townsend; I blog over here at Paid by the Weird a little more regularly, but I'll try to pop in and say hi from time to time... (technically, I post very irregularly, so you know, don't worry if you don't hear from me in a while, I'm just being flaky. Also, I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo, so I'm uber, uber flaky.)

I've been a published erotica and erotic romance writer for about three years now; before I was just writing m/m fiction for the entertainment of myself and a few other choice friends. In three years, I've managed to crank out two novels (Roll - a m/m coming of age romance, and Blood Sight, a urban supernatural romance) as well as a collection of short stories, Whetting the Appetite, that I wrote in collaboration with one of the aforementioned friends with whom I engaged in rather a lot of slash-fic back in the day. And another two dozen or so novellas and short stories in assorted collections.

this is an older picture, but I suck at doing these. I should really update it.
Anyway, must get back to my novel; I've currently left my heroine, a werewolf called Howling Bitch, in the middle of a car accident, and she's sort of screaming in my head. But I wanted to drop in and say Hello!

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