Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cover Reveal: Bittersweet by Leigh Ellwood

At long last, the follow-up to my M/M sci-fi erotic story Taste This has a cover. Bittersweet continues the adventures of Tobin of the Vectran System and his Earth lover, Kelly, as they defy all odds to be together once again. I've received many an e-mail over the years asking about the sequel to this story, and I'm happy to say we are closer than ever. I hope it's worth the wait, and that you enjoy it.

Bittersweet will be available March 5th through the major eBook retailers. After that, it's on to my next project, an MMF romance in my Dareville series. In the meantime, please check for me on Twitter @LeighEllwood to see what else I have happening.

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