Saturday, November 17, 2012

New in Audio: She Loves Me by Leigh Ellwood

What a busy weekend for me. Presently I am on a book retreat on the West Coast, getting used to the time change and the high altitude. Got a bit nauseous on the ride into the mountains, but I'm feeling better now. I kept my laptop on EST so I can glean my family's schedule. I'm in a beautiful place, but not sure how much I'll get to see this weekend. Will definitely have to make a return trip.

While I was flying over, SHE LOVES ME finally release in audio book. You can get it at Audible and Amazon right now, and I suspect iTunes will have it up. If you're looking for some hot, award-nominated lesbian erotica for your audio player, pick it up today!

On the book/NaNo writing update, I have stalled a bit. I can't write on planes, but I did read three books on the journey, so I should catch up to my Goodreads reading goal of 100 books for 2012 soon. I am about halfway through Bittersweet right now, and working on something for my lesbian anthology for Coming Together. Please click that link for submission guidelines to Girl on Girl. I can't wait to read submissions and work on the book.

So now it's off to update all my sales sites again! BTW, I redid my complete book list. You can now browse it by category. No more strings of letters to memorize. Make it easier for you for gift-giving!

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