Thursday, October 6, 2011

New releases from J.M. Snyder and J.T. Marie

Now Available from JMS Books LLC!

Out for Delivery
by J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Gay Fiction
LENGTH: 4,996 words

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Jeremy spends the last night of the weekend finishing an article he needs to submit to his editor first thing Monday morning. When someone knocks on his door, he's tempted to ignore it but answers anyway, only to find a sexy delivery guy outside with something hot and ready in his hands.

Too bad Jeremy didn't order the pizza -- it belongs to his neighbors.

Still, he's pleasantly surprised when the delivery guy returns to give Jeremy his number. Paul gets off work in a half hour, and wants to hook up, if Jeremy's interested.

Suddenly Jeremy's evening just got a hell of a lot better.

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Runaway Train
by J.T. Marie

GENRE: Contemporary • Lesbian Fiction • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,571 words

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Josey went away to college in the hopes of leaving her small town behind, but it seems she can't break free -- every summer she returns home, even though it seems all her friends have managed to get away. Then she meets Miranda, a senior in high school, who makes Josey feel worldly and wise.

The two young women strike up a friendship that threatens to blossom into something more. But Josey doesn't know where her priorities lie -- school? work? romance? She wants Miranda up until the moment when it seems Miranda feels the same, then she pushes Miranda away. She doesn't know how to get what it is she really wants, and she doesn't even really know what that might be.

Can Miranda help her decide, or will Josey's feelings for the younger woman end up pushing her over the edge?

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