Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contest For A Familiar Tangle With Hell's Release

Buy A Familiar Tangle With Hell at Phaze Books then email me at with proof, you will be entered to win some goodies. One of these goodies is the first ebook in the urban fantasy series, Being Familiar With a Witch on a CD, signed, plus a rubber duckie wearing a witch's hat and carrying a broom, a signed copy of my erotic Lovecraftian horror novella, Unwitting Sacrifice, published by Under the Moon, and a $10 gift certificate from Phaze Books to buy more eBooks/print books. Since they must be sent by mail, only for those in the U.S.

For those outside of the U.S., I will instead, give Being Familiar With a Witch as a download, plus Unwitting Sacrifice as a download and the $10 gift cert (will email the numbers to use). Just not the witch rubber duckie--sorry. Same goes for you outside the U.S., email me with proof you bought the eBook. This contest actually starts June 22nd and goes through June 30th.

See photo of three of the prizes at . Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view them.

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