Thursday, April 8, 2010

New F/F Short, Share Some More by Leigh Ellwood

DLP Books is pleased to announce the release of Share Some More, the hot sequel to the bestselling Share!
Share Some More – Leigh Ellwood
Lesbian Erotica – $.79/eBook
eBook available at the following merchants ($.99):
The sequel to Share. Marissa enjoys her friends with benefits arrangement with roommate Nell, but lately the twinge of jealousy makes it difficult to have fun. Between a professor persistent on employing her for dubious acts and her jealousy toward the latest object of Nell’s affection, Marissa wonders how much longer she can share herself. Will she stop, or risk it all to share her love with Nell?
Warning: this story features graphic woman on woman sex, voyeurism, and a happy ending.

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