Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Blog for 28 Days of Heart: Marcia James

Marcia James Joins ARe American Heart Association Fundraiser

Thanks for hosting me on the blog tour for All Romance eBooks’ (ARe) “28 Days of Heart” campaign! I’m thrilled to be one of the authors who donated sexy, romantic stories for this American Heart Association fundraiser. Heart disease is the #1 killer of woman, and due to Valentine’s Day, February has long been associated with matters of the heart. So this month is the perfect time to treat yourself to ARe’s sensual stories that will warm your heart (and other body parts!), while raising vital funds.

Love Unleashed is my contribution to ARe’s 28 Days of Heart: . A sexy contemporary, the story features an estranged couple who are reunited with the help of a stray dog. As with all of my “hot, humorous romances”, Love Unleashed’s canine character is a Chinese crested hairless dog.

Charlie, the “crestie” in Love Unleashed, is a homeless dog who’s fostered by the radio DJ hero as part of his plan to woo back his former lover, an animal shelter director. The little pooch wrangles his way into the hero’s heart while playing matchmaker to the couple. The idea behind Love Unleashed began when a friend complained that her boyfriend wasn’t wild enough in bed. (Her exact words were: “Gentle lovemaking is nice, but sometimes you just want to f*ck.”) When my story’s hero finally unleashes his inner sexy beast, the couple gets a second chance at their happily ever after – along with some seriously hot sex!

Here’s the blurb for Love Unleashed.

-- Marcia James

Love Unleashed blurb:

His best laid plans...

DJ “Rabid Ron” Hart has a grand scheme to win back the woman he loves. It involves an animal adoption fair, a goofy hairless dog named Charlie and an offer she can’t refuse.

Her hidden desires...

Cara Wilson has fantasies she’s never admitted, and her ex-boyfriend still features in her erotic dreams. If only he didn’t keep his bad-boy urges so tightly leashed.

Tonight they’ll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.

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Marcia James said...

Thanks for hosting me on your blog! I don't know what I've enjoyed more -- writing LOVE UNLEASHED to donate to the AHA fundraiser or reading the stories donated by other authors. ;-)
-- Marcia James ;-)