Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing News, NaNo, and a Giveaway

First things first - I have a huge post-Halloween Trick or Treat giveaway. I came home from Authors After Dark (look out for a longer blog on that later) with a big bag of goodies. Free books from Tease Publishing and Dorchester, author promos, and other good stuff. I'm taking names til November 5. Click here to enter - US winner gets the bag, international reader gets a gift certificate. Good luck!

Secondly, it's been a creative week. Waiting to hear on a submission made - a short M/M piece that is contemporary with a touch of strange magic...depending on how you read it. I should know by early November if it's accepted. If not, I just may make it available through DLP Books, which I really enjoy. I believe I'll always pursue publication through eBook and traditional channels, but there's something to having complete control of your work, right down to distribution and promotion. It's hardly a new concept, either, but the Internet makes it so much easier. I have one more reprint work to bring back from the vaults, then a few original shorts to share in the Dareville world - including a sequel to Daringly Delicious and one for Where Angels Dare to Tread.

For you Dareville readers out there, if there's something specific you'd like to see, I'm up for the challenge. A reader asked for a continuation of Daringly Delicious, so it's in the works. That is, along with the six thousand other WIPs I have.

I signed up for NaNo again, because I'm a masochist. My title keeps changing, but for now I'll call it Project Elvis and leave you guessing. It will be urban fantasy, not necessarily erotic, but I'm pantsing this one so we'll see.

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