Sunday, October 18, 2009

New F/F Erotic Short Available!

I've planned for a while now to write at least one exclusively F/F short in the Dareville universe. This one had intended to be just a 2K quickie, but the story grew a bit and before I realized it I had written another Halloween short. So I figured why not make it available through the regular eBook channels?

Word on the street is there's a rising interest in Sapphic works, so if enjoy the genre I hope you'll give this one a shot.

Where Angels Dare to Tread
Erotica (F/F) - $1.29 eBook

Available from DLP Books for 99 cents!

eBook also available at the following merchants:

October's Black Rose Festival comes to Dareville, along with a sexy party Carole Douglas can't wait to attend. While she hopes to catch more than a few interested looks with her skimpy angel costume, meeting the enchanting Bella Reeve has her ready to turn in her halo. Will the town's first Vamp Ball bring her love at first "bite"?

Read an Excerpt.

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