Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Reads from Leigh Ellwood, and Phaze Books sale

It's not that we couldn't wait to get the Kinko de Mayo sale at Phaze Books off and running. I just didn't want to fall asleep before I could update the site. It's happened, I'm human. These days the four-year-old outlasts me by a wide margin. She just learned to spell her name, so watch for her to become to new webmistress soon.

Now through May 6th, save 15% off your next order at Phaze Books with the code KINKODEMAYO. If that's not enough to salt your rim, we have five hot short stories available for free download, two of which are mine. A Daring Twist is part of Dareville and M/M erotic - it serves as a prologue of sorts to part of Dare to Dream and the upcoming Daring Red. As far as the universe goes, it's set around the time of Truth or Dare, and more will be explained with the next book. Anyway, hope you like it.

Sugar on Top is basically a reworking of a story I had in a Midnight Showcase Sinful Sundaes digest. The rights recently came back to me, and rather than try to shop another reprint I decided to let readers have at. It was a fun story to write, purposefully silly, about a werewolf with a sweet tooth and an invisible lady who doubles as a gossip reporter. This time, though, she becomes the gossip. Anyway, it's makes for nice margarita reading if you're so inclined. Check out the main Phaze site for stories by Becca Dale, Jude Mason, and Nona Wesley. Nona is new to Phaze, but she wanted to send something for advanced promotion, which is a great idea if you hope to introduce yourself to new readers. I touched on self-promotion a bit in the blog I do for Romantic Inks, and was surprised to see a number of people re-Tweet it on Twitter today. Gotta love Tweet cred.

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