Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Review for Shifting Desires

The reviewer did like my hero and the way I did the shapeshifters mythology in my story, Beast Magic, in this anthology.

In Skylar Sinclair’s “Purr for Me,” a young female panther shapeshifter heads to a Halloween party and meets her mate in the form of a alpha male lion shapeshifter. This short story had an interesting twist that I definitely didn’t see coming and that made me really think about what I had read. Full of passion and heat, my one complaint would be that it was too short and I would have love to have read more beyond the ending pages.

“Beast Magic” by Sapphire Phelan also features some intriguing characters and uses vivid descriptions to give us the story of a young woman with a fear of lions who soon learns that her fated mate is in fact a lion shapeshifter. But a rival is determined to keep the couple apart in this passionate, and sometimes violent, story. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t quite care for the heroine of the story as she seems a bit na├»ve and too quick to buy the hero’s story, but I really liked the hero, Ramses. I found it interesting that Ramses describes himself as a lion who becomes a man rather than a man who becomes a lion. He must spend most of his time in lion form as that is his true nature. I really liked this concept and found it refreshing as it isn’t something I have seen in many shapeshifter stories as most usually are men who occasionally become animals.

The final story in the anthology, “Cat’s Claw” by Jude Mason is a fascinating look at a young woman who travels into the woods to inform a good friend’s reclusive son of his passing and finds more than she bargained for as both share a secret that brings them together. In addition to the heroine discovering love and her true nature, this story also deals with poachers who are encroaching on the hero’s property. At times the story turned a bit violent as it blurred the lines between the bestial and human nature of the characters as they gave into their animal instincts. Overall, the story was quite enjoyable and intriguing.

As a whole, Shifting Desires is an intriguing anthology featuring three different stories each featuring loving and passionate shapeshifters. All three authors created a fascinating world and characters using vivid descriptions to give a brief glimpse at their individual worlds. However, at times these glimpses are a bit too brief and I wish they had all been a bit longer. However, the entire anthology is enjoyable and I enjoyed the authors’ takes on the concept of shapeshifting.The rest of the review at Whipped Cream Review of Shifting Desires.

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