Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Dareville story on sale!

In the midst of traveling for the Easter holiday and the #amazonfail brouhaha, I had a new release:

The Dares That Bind
Phaze Books, $3
BDSM, Contemporary, Series

Click here to order.

Book 1.5 of Dareville!

Victoria Robeson is content to live at home and work her dead-end job, despite dealing with her overbearing mother, just as long as she has time to write. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Alton Weiss as Dareville prepares for Brady Garriston's big concert, Vic is unnerved and intrigued by how well he knows her personality and desires.

Alton introduces her to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?

This story is set around the same time as Truth or Dare, and the characters will figure into the upcoming Dare Devils. In the meantime, I'm working on a non-Dareville work to satisfy my commitment to Loose-ID (and I hope that work will spawn a series, too), and a Darevile quickie freebie, as well as a few shorts I'd like to send out to a few anthologies. Jolie du Pre's call for cougar stories has me inspire to write one.

Also, a possible story for Phaze's Raven line. I have a great title I HAVE to use for it.

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