Monday, March 2, 2009

New Cover for Next Dareville Book

Score one for the Phaze Books art department. Debi sent over the cover for The Dares That Bind, and I love it! The bottom panel especially represents the story. Alton is the mysterious business suit - silk covering an iron will - and Victoria is his Eliza Doolittle. Boots do play into the story, though the pair shown here isn't quite the type shown in the book. It's okay, though. As I told the cover artist it was damn near impossible to find an accurate image, but these are pretty close. I like the flower image there, too - it evokes a sense of romance combined with the intense nature of bondage. My feet hurt just looking at them.

Here's a blurb for this upcoming novella, due out in April.

Victoria Robeson is content to live at home and work her dead-end job, despite dealing with her overbearing mother, just as long as she has time to write. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Alton Weiss as Dareville prepares for Brady Garriston's big concert, Vic is unnerved and intrigued by how well he knows her personality and desires.

Alton introduces her to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?

Hope you enjoy it!

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