Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Dareville story now available

Get ready for Valentine's Day with a FREE Dareville eBook short!

Leigh EllwoodHello, everybody! Thank you for the kind words about the new website, the new online home of my Dareville series of stories. As part of Phaze Books' Valentine's Day promotion, I decided to contribute a short in the series called Daring Hearts, which is now available at Phaze's free Valentine's Day stories page.

Daring Hearts finds the Briscoes and Garristons sharing a cozy evening with a romantic dinner and a box of chocolates for dessert. This is no ordinary Whitman's Sampler, they soon find as each little nibble inspires different cravings altogether. Sex is like a box of many varieties, and all of them delicious! Hope you enjoy the story.

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