Monday, January 26, 2009

Being Familiar With a Witch's First Review!

Being Familiar With a Witch got a first super review.
Here's what the reviewer said:

At the beginning Charun was definitely the bad guy but as the story progressed, he started to get more likeable. It was fun to see Tina’s transformation from a girl into a witch. I love the play on words for the title of this story. As familiars are considered a witch’s friend and sidekick. I knew the bond that witches had with their familiars was a good one but have never read one, where the chemistry was out of this world H_O_T! Being Familiar with a Witch is a great quickie read. Fans of all things paranormal, who love their books spicy will enjoy this book. I plan on checking out my books by Sapphire Phelan.
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