Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I must have missed it in the actual magazine, but RT did review More, More, More! Three stars, and the review reads in part:

Size doesn't matter in these enticing tales of big, beautiful women who find love in strange places. One of the stories doesn't have a happily ever after, which makes it seem rather hit-and-run. The sexual acts include M/M/F and light bondage.

Not sure what to make of the hit and run remark, or if the non-HEA story cost us a star. FWIW, I know the story referenced, and it's well-written and sold rather well in solo eBook form. Of course, my Virginia-set Daringly Delicious is part of this quartet, and I'm curious to know what the reviewer thought of that one in particular. I suppose we'll never learn, ah well. I haven't heard any complaints yet, aside from the one reviewer who didn't like Lupe's sister, Lola. But that's okay, she gives me a headache, too.

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