Monday, November 10, 2008

Virginia is for Luvvahs

After much tinkering with Paint Shop Pro, and in anticipation of the new Dareville site, I've been poking around CafePress, making all sorts of promo goodies. You can see a preview of the Dareville shop via Phaze's CafePress store. I have a few designs up now, but in the future I plan to have some buttons and bumper stickers made for RT and other signings.

I'm really looking forward to doing more with the series. I wrote another thousand words at lunch today, bringing the total for The Dares That Bind to 2500. The target is HeatSheet length, around 10K, but I have a feeling it will be a bit longer. I realize in order for the kink to be believable there should be some interaction between the characters that doesn't involve the whips and chains. In reading some feedback on erotic romance, one common gripe is that stories often work like this:

"Hi," she said.
"Hi," he said. "Wanna fuck?"

Well, not like that, but you get the idea. In this age of hotter, faster, sexier we may tend to ramp up the sex at the expense of the story. Of course, readers buying an erotic book expect erotica, so you can't leave them hanging too long to the point that they are checking their watches as they read. With this story, I will try to maintain that balance between spice and reality.

As real as one can get with nipple clamps, anyway.

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